Passenger transport all over Romania to any destination


An important part of the demand for COBREX’s services is based on corporate transport and air-taxi. In our 15 years of helicopter aviation we have developed a solid network of domestic and routes and have established a robust business relationship with customers having high demands of safety, comfort and performance.


Therefore we put in readiness for our customers the following helicopters :

one Eurocopter AS 350B3 Ecureuil, single engine helicopter, configuration of 5 passengers, featuring a spacious cabin with panoramic windows, low vibration and noise levels. The AS 350B3 is one of the most powerful single engine helicopter, very well adapted for operations in high altitude and hot temperatures.

two Eurocopter AS 365 Dauphin, twinengines, VIP configuration of 8 passengers, leather interior, air conditioning. Both our Dauphins are powerful and fast twinengines, with spacious cabins, large useful volume and payload.


­ - corporate transport
­ - air taxi
­ - airport transfers
­ - hunters transport



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